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ZX Spectrum 128k

ZX Spectrum 48k

ZX Spectrum VEGA

Designed and Programmed by:

John Blythe

Cover Artwork by:

John Blythe

Graphics by:

John Blythe


TAP format

Started: Jun 2017

Complete: Aug 2017

Exclusive 128k features:

* Additional and updated    level graphics.

* Additional Enemy


* Full AY Music track.

Progress:  Completed (Released)

Standard 48k Version

128k Version

128k Version


The game is also available in physical tape form from MONUMENT MICROGAMES.

This version has a unique 128k version with additions of updated and extra graphics and enemies.

Click on the logo above to order a copy.

The Plot

MISSION DATA - Nano Project Epsilon

SecuriCorp have been at the forefront of military technology. This fateful day there has been a major hack at the private outsource R&D company Revanox! Their Military Bio and AI research division has gone rogue! A hacker has inadvertently activated an uncontrollable AI and its reeking havoc!! Highly sensitive security data is being lost to it and the fate of human kind is hanging in the balance!

In a last ditch attempt to save as much data as possible SecuriCorp are sending in their own rival AI...

Project Epsilon: Nan'O'Bot!

He will infiltrate the mainframe and rescue as much data as he can before Revanox rip the feed to the AI's power circuits!


How to Play

Controls are simple.  Z - Left  X - Right  K - Jump .

or Joystick: Left/Right and FIRE to Jump.

Note ZX Spectrum VEGA users: Download the VEGA version and use the KEMPSTON option.

Controls: Up/Down/Left/Right  F - Jump

Traverse the screens and collect the two data packets (5.25" Floppy Disk, 3.5" Floppy Disk or a Cassette Tape!). You have 10 Cycles (Lives) to complete the task. An extra 3 Cycles can be collected at two points in the game! Use them wisely. Once the data is collected head to the I/O Exit point...

(A Pink/Yellow square) and you'll be transferred to the next data retrieval point!

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