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ZX Spectrum 128k

ZX Spectrum 48k

Designed and Programmed by:

John Blythe

Additional Code by:

Andy Johns

Cover Artwork by:

John Blythe

Graphics by:

John Blythe


TAP format

Started: Jan 2017

Complete: FEB 2017

Progress:  Completed (Released)
The Plot

Welcome to the dimension of the NARGs!

Foggy is just your common-o-garden tourist. The only difference is he takes his holidays in other dimensions! One sunny day he decided to take a trip to a previously unexplored dimension.

Dimension 52b.

On arrival Foggy was set upon by the NARGs. They craved the power of his ships Tri-Crystal Prismatic Phase Engine! They ripped out the crystals and then a vital engine part “The Dimension Splicer”. In the frenzy Foggy escaped into the Dungeon-like caves.

Find the Crystals, Find the Splicer and Find the Ship!

This holiday will definately get a bad Trip Advisor score!

How to Play

Controls are simple.  Q - Up  A - Down  O - Left  P - Right  SPACE - Jump  I - Inventory.

To use the items you find around the world, you must use an Object Pad. A Blue particle patch rising from the floor. Stand on these and press 'I' and so long as you have items a menu will appear. Use up and down keys to choose an item and press SPACE to 'use' that item. If you're in the right place to use it, you'll solve a piece of the puzzle. :-) 

Simply run into objects to collect them. Do not touch the NARGs you will die instantly, as will dropping into Lava. 

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