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BBC Micro B 32k

Acorn Electron 32k

BBC Master 128k

Original Code by:

Les Howarth (1984)

Coded and tweaked by:

John Blythe

Cover Artwork by:

John Blythe

Graphics by:

John Blythe


Double-Sided Disk DSD file.

Started: Jun 2019

Complete: Oct 2019

Progress:  Complete (Released)
The Plot

Wha...What's happened?

Where are you? Everything appears to be fairly normal. Though you do feel a bit sick. Everything is blurry for a few seconds. Your head is pounding too. You feel like something catastrophic just happened, but the memories just aren't there anymore. It's a little mystery and it needs solving, time to have a look around....

How to Play

This is a text adventure game or sometimes called 'Interactive Fiction'. To play simply type in commands and solve puzzles. Commands such as; GET THREAD or GET KEY or PRESS SWITCH. You can move around the game world by typing in directions such as: N for North or S for South for instance. Also U for Up and D for Down.

The commands follow a simple Verb/Noun structure like GET STICK or USE KEY for instance. Here are some useful keywords to know....  I, EXAMINE, LEAVE, GET, TAKE, PRESS, OPEN, UNLOCK  etc. There are more but that's half the fun to find out. 

Moving around use commands: N  S  E  W  U  D

To see what you are carrying type I for Inventory. Press RETURN after it's listed your items.

Note there is no Game Save, as this is a very short adventure and doesn't really need it.

Good Luck and Happy Adventures!

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