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BBC Micro B

BBC Micro B+

BBC Master

Designed and Programmed by:

Sarah Walker

Cover by:

John Blythe

Graphics by:

John Blythe


SSD Format

Complete: Nov 2017

Published by:

Retro Software

Also available on  

Physical formats:

5.25" DFS Floppy Disc.

(BBC Micro B & B+)

3.5" ADFS Floppy Disc.

(Master Only)

Progress:  Completed (Released)
Youtube Video
The Plot

The galaxy is threatened by the Industrial Pirates!!

They have stolen the White Light - The greatest known source of energy!

You have been dispatched to retrieve the Light and destroy the Industrial Pirates once and for all!

Are you skillful enough to save the galaxy?

How to Play


Z - Left   X - Right   * - Up   ? - Down   Return - Fire   Shift - Smart Bomb

You can also use a compatible Joystick.

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