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Hint Sheet for The Darkness of Raven Wood

Here be clues, hints and tips for Raven Wood...

Examine everything and talk to everyone, come back occasionally as they may have different things to tell you.


If you're stuck in a dark forest, strange sounds all around. Remember... Never, Never, Ever give up. There is always a way out.


Hitting things can sometimes make new things.


Summoning spirits requires the dust of the dead as an offering, an ancient temple and a spoken word of power.


Wolves don't like grey wizards for a good reason.


The Undead can all be killed as you expect. You just need the tools to do it.


A grieving wife needs something to remember her husband by, but she's shy. You'll need to catch her attention.


 Villagers only talk if they think you're one of them.

Werewolves can't be killed! Don't even try.

Wondering in a dark forest and you can't see the sky, worry not. Eventually, Every, Sign will get you home.

Giant plants need watering. Kill it off and its roots will wither.

Magical Doors need a blood spell! Spill some drops and say the incantation.

Golems only listen to the word of Truth.

Mystical Fires never burn out, but they live by the same rules!

Serpents fear the truth, show them the truth!

The great evil is vulnerable only when weakened! Envelop him in silver and then use your weapon. Hit it home quickly for certain victory!

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